Tensioner & Idler

GARANTIS tensioner bearings use advanced equipment; bearings are made from high grade bearings steel with using effective grease. Production includes several inspections of quality. Closed-type GARANTIS bearings contain grease enough for all service life.

Customer benefits of GARANTIS tensioner bearings:

  • Reliable and long-living due to high quality sub-parts production, high strength materials;
  • Closed-type bearings contain grease enough for all service life;
  • Grease ensures maximum friction decrease, protection from corrosion and effective heat extraction;
  • Designed for operation in tough road conditions.
  • Designed service life at least 50 000 km mileage*

* We recommend to change spare parts according to vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Designed service life is set on the basis of the results of stand tests and can possibly vary depends on driving conditions.



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